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Light & shelter on the high seas
Vélo à l'île d'Yeu
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Within its 23km2 surface area, the island of Yeu has many places of great natural beauty. Human presence dates back to 5000 BC, and quite a few prehistoric remains still can be seen : dolmens, menhirs, stones engraved with cupulae (man-made holes). Built on a rocky islet, the Old Castle will bring you back to the time of invasions between the 14th and 17th century. 

There is a strong maritime heritage on the island and you'll discover many monuments in relation to the sea : lighthouse, beacons, harbours... 

The Maritime Museum is an essential visit to understand the relationship between the island and the sea. 

From South to North-east, you will discover two very different landscapes, a wild rocky coast, a brittany-dressed coast and a dune and beach coast remembering that the island is vendean. Take your time to discover, by foot or by bicycle, the natural beauty of these sites