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Le phare de la Petite Foule or Grand Phare "The Great Lighthouse"

Towards the Aerodrome 

After many seawrecks, the 1828 seawreck of a Royal vessel triggered public authorities in setting up around the island an appropriate maritime safety system : a 29 meters lighthouse was built on a megalithic site named la Petite Foule.  

Unfortunately the system was sometimes obscured. In 1895, an  electric revolving light was added. Destroyed in August 1944, navigation then became difficult south of the Loire. A new modern lighthouse was erected in 1951. 

41 m tall, the lighthouse stands 56 m above sea level and ranges 28 nautical miles 


Le Vieux Château - The Old castle

Shelter for the islanders against the numerous attacks of invaders. A guided visit of the castle will uncover the story of military architecture and the way of life of th islanders from the 14th to the 17th century 

Classified monument in 1890. 


La Citadelle et le bois de Pierre Levée

Port Joinville 15 minute walk from the Tourist Office  

A high menhir used to stand up on top of the hill where the present stronghold was built (or Fort de Pierre Levée). During the 19th century (1858-1866), a fortress was built. After being used as a state prison, the stronghold was used as barracks. Head of state and Marshal of France, Philippe Pétain was then imprisoned there from 1945 to 1951. Free admission.