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Pointe du But (Northwest headland)

North near the bay Anse des Broches 

At the West end of the island, used to stand a foghorn in a small building. Slightly behind, ruins of a semphore destroyed in 1944. Great viewpoint. At sea, we can see the dangerous reefs of Chiens Perrins and a beacon. Sea current arrives north of this rocky plateau named Basse Flore and skirts around the island. At this point, a dangerous eddy is formed, dangerous in particular for the seamen ending sometimes in dramatic seawrecks   

Pointe du Châtelet and beach plage des Sabias

Nearby the tiny village of Ker Chauvineau – on the wild coast 

Situated South East, the castle offers a fantastic view from the beach. Standing here for 7 centuries, the old walls of the castle now blend into the rocks. A line of fishermen huts adds still another character to the beach which is very  appreciated by the islanders because easily accessible.
In the distance, stands a massive cross, witness of religious ceremonies dedicated to men lost at sea. 

Port de la Meule

4 km south of Port Joinville 

The gem of the island is undeniably this small harbour, a sort of fjord set in between two moor-covered cliffs : beautiful and breathtaking. It was originally only a creek where, during south-west storms, swirling water would crash violently against the shore. During the 19th century, a dam was set up and brought back calm and security.
Behind, a small white chapel, dedicated to Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle, patroness of the seamen, looks over the sea. It was built during the 11th century and since then, the islanders have held the chapel in constant veneration. It’s a place of pilgrimage and every year, islanders go there on Easter Monday.  


Pointe des Corbeaux (South-east headland)

South-east after the village la Croix 

It's the tip of the island; on a map this promontory would look like a head of longuish shape. In prehistoric times, a megalith used to stand there. This large stone was destroyed in 1657 and a little fort was built. In 1862, the fort was also destroyed and a lighthouse was erected. The lighthouse was blasted in 1944, re-built in 1950 in a Art Deco style. The last lighthouse keeper was a woman.  

North East coast

North coast located between Port Joinville and Pointe des Corbeaux 

Marshes with numerous protected species border the coast inwards while pine and cupressus woods and other trees line the sea shore. This east coast resembles the coastline of Pays de Monts on the mainland.