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Dolmen des petits Fradets (around 3000 BC)

North-west coast nearby beach plage de la Gournaise 

Single-chamber megalithic tomb, covering half weathered away. The word Fradet means elf. 

Dolmen de la Planche à Puare (around 3000 BC)

North-west coast– nearby a tiny cove Anse des Broches 

Towards the headland Pointe du But – the stone is right after the cove  

The entrance passage and three chambers giving the dolmen a T-shape, this monument looks like a church transept. It is a classified monument. Please do not enter the dolmen or climb on it.  

Pierre de La Roche aux Fras

Nearby la Meule 

Stone with many little man-made cups (cupulae). These cups show that the island has had inhabitants long before. The meaning of these cups is still unknown, but there is a nice local legend over this stone.  

Many stones with special names are to be found on the island : pierre des Amporelles, le Chien à l’Affût ("dog in ambush"), les pierres du Pain et du Beurre (bread and butter stones), le menhir des Soux