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539 664 inhabitants live in Vendee in 282 villages organised in 31 cantons. La Roche sur Yon is the “capital of vendee” (in French : Prefecture). 

 Vendee belongs to the region Pays de la Loire like Loire Atlantique, Maine et Loire, Mayenne and Sarthe. With an area of 6 720 km2 , it represents 1.27% of the French territory. Sizewise, it’s the 22nd département over 100 French départements. 

Landscape is not so hilly. St-Michel-Mont-Mercure (East of Vendee) peaks at 290 meters. 

Four rivers cross this area : Sèvre Nantaise (135 km), Vendée (70 km), Lay (110 km) and Sèvre Niortaise (150 km). 

 We can classify into 4 natural areas : 

Hedged farmland (North and East to the Centre) 

Plain (South) 

Marshes (North-West and South) 

the coast (140 km of coast) and the islands : Yeu and Noirmoutier. 

Sea and Nature

Seasons have rythmed Vendean nature. Hedged paths where one can feel the blow of history circling these timeless castles with mysteries. 

As waterlilies surrounded by water, two islands blossom along the Atlantic coast, the wild island of Yeu and Noirmoutier island with its amazing “passage du gois” : 4km of sandy road in the sea. Beaches, creeks, and seaside resorts, gems of sand and gold add a touch of colour to this bouquet. 

Vendean charm is a blend of creative colours from the Melusine’s plains and the ensorcelled forests. From the vendean and breton marshes and its simultaneously man and sea tailored environment... From poitevin marshes, the well named Venise Verte (Green Venice), and its watercoloured landscapes, an impalbable nature. 

A rich past and proud of its present, a genuine Vendee believing in its futur, a futur made with the ingredients of a protected heaven on earth, made of dolce vita and this for a long time. 

Le Marais-Salé

Visits and Heritage

 Dungeons, castles, villages… Heritage here is an adventurous story of war, of art, and sometimes of magic while monastic life and rituals of the Middle Ages are revealed by the relics of religious architecture. 

Traditional arts and crafts are still very alive whether in museums or through craftsmen such as bakers, fishermen, shipowners...A rich fauna and flora hidden in the emerald marshes, the sandy beaches, or woods and groves, await to be discovered by adventurers or just through one of the many parks and gardens 

Vendee, a natural playground for kids when visiting the aquatic park at l’Ile d’O, the zoo, or the donkeys. Kids and adults can walk through the centuries with the Grand Parc du Puy du fou. Gallo roman games, chivalric joust, vikings... Pick your era 

Local products and gastronomy

Tarte aux pruneaux de l'île d'Yeu

« Surf and Turf », Vendee offers a large traditional tasting menu... Salt taste from the coast, seafood are a must in the dish : mussels, oysters, sole or tuna.... 

Inner vendee has also lots to offer : charolais beef, salt meadow sheep, Challan’s poultry, foie gras. You’re sure to satisfy your tummy with a wide range of meat and poultry, as well with its salt marsh inspired delicatessen : fleur de sel and salicornia. 

The traditional white bean “mogette” or the potato “Bonnotte” will delicately dumbfound your palate, soups and local vegetables as well. This, washed down with vendean wine (VDQS), an art that is traced back to the Middle Ages. 

To end your meal, on the menu many tasty desserts, brioches, fritters, fruit-filled pastries and old fashioned candies...a last sine qua none sweet note