Sanitary measures on l'île d'Yeu

Update on : 1st october 2021

In order to welcome you safely, we thank you to respect the instructions below :

  • Wearing a mask is no longer compulsory outdoors from September 30 BUT 

  • Wear a mask  is mandatory for every person over the age of 11 :
    - in establishments open to the public where the health pass is not required (shop, market,  reception hall for administrative services, religious services, ...) ;
    - in establishments and for events subject to the health pass ;
    - in public passenger transport, train and bus stations, ferry terminals and air terminals.

In ferries, the sanitary pass is not currently requested.

However, a continuation of the health measures already in place is requested all over the territory, like the wearing of mask, distancing and hand cleaning with hydro-alcoholic gel.

TEST for Travel

On l’île d’Yeu :

Test for travel-related emergency only :

  • PCR tests : at COVID Centre, Dumonté Hospital, impasse du Puits Raimond. On appointment only : 02 51 59 39 00
  • Antigenic tests: at the Pharmacy du Port, Quai de la Chapelle from 6 pm Monday to Friday (without appointment and only with transport or medical supporting documents).

Fast reading Auto-Tests, available at the Pharmacy du Port, Quai de la Chapelle.


On the mainland :

  • To take a plane : it is possible to make a test at the airport of Nantes before the fly, with or without an appointment, daily from 7:00  to 19:00
  • To take a train : it is also possible to make a test just next the station of Nantes, at the Manufacture, daily, on appointment on .