A stay at La Barre de Monts - Fromentine

Start your holidays before you even get on board the ferry!

La Barre de Monts - Fromentine is part of the country of Saint Jean de Monts, a holiday destination in itself, with immense sandy beaches

La Barre de Monts-Fromentine is undeniably the premier gateway to the Ile d’Yeu.

Lulled by the sweetness of a maritime air, marvelling at the spectacular panoramas and poetry of the Breton Vendée marsh, where the water joins bay of Bourgneuf then the Atlantic Ocean.

Rub shoulders with local people and a living nature, among sea workers, oyster farmers in their parks and fishermen choreographing the ballet of boats in the authentic little port of Pont Neuf.

Learn the local ways - like other onlookers, you can enjoy a walk on the esplanade, past villas and architectural curiosities, cycle along the edge of the wetlands, enjoy a moment on a wild beach.


Your boat for the Ile d’Yeu is ready for departure in three hours!

  • Immerse yourself in the maritime environment. Along the way oyster farmers are busy oyster farming - manufacturing those distilled flavours of the sea. The oyster beds form a central part of the maritime setting - ancient, authentic, traditional.
  • At the end of the path, sunlight falls on a breathtaking panorama - the coast is lined with oyster beds, and the view over the Bay of Bourgneuf is a kind of clear maritime desert at low tide, with the Pont de Noirmoutier in the distance. Escape to the ocean and the Grande Côte beach, wild, majestic. Frolicking to your right are the little fishing vessels of the port of La Prise. Like a painting in the sunset!

Your seaside walk continues onto the pedestrian esplanade, lined with villas with curious architecture. The wrecks of the "4As," German dredgers sunk in 1944, are revealed as the tide recedes.

The path along the dunes and the Grande Côte beach, gateways to the immensity of the ocean, are breathtaking both by their size and by the sense of peace. To reach them, you need to pass beneath the Noirmoutier bridge, before turning west. There's a wonderful view of Fromentine from here.

Your boat is at the dock, and it's finally time to set sail for the island!

If you're coming to L'île d’Yeu from Fromentine or Noirmoutier,
you'll find all the information you need about the embarkation pier to L'île d'Yeu here.


Day 1:

Marking the boundary between freshwater wetlands and the sea, Fromentine is an ecological particularity.

Visit the Daviaud ecological museum, for a fascinating explanation of the local ecosystem. The marshland with its softness, its colours and its biodiversity can then be all the better understood as you follow the cycle path the lock of Porteau, a great place for an outdoor picnic. Elegant fishing cabins dot the canal banks along the way.

The trail continues to the Port of Pont Neuf, where you'll see a bird perched on every telegraph pole and a wooden boat moored at each pier.

Accommodation in La Barre de Monts
A wide choice of accommodation is available - hotels, bed and breakfast, camp sites. Don't hesitate to contact the Tourist Office in Fromentine for more information.


Day 2:

The ocean, the beach and the dunes with its pine woods are three different environments, each with its own fauna and flora, all within a hundred yards of each other.

  • Play with the wind and feel the adrenaline rush during an exciting sand yachting or kite surfing session on the Grande Côte beach
  • A few hours spent on the wild beaches of La Bergère and Les Lays will fill you with sunlight, and set you glowing for the evening!
  • Get a panoramic view of your holiday environment by taking the lighthouse path to the Pey de la Blet. After walk through the pine forest, stop for a good picnic at the foot of the steps of the lighthouse before to give you the energy for the climb up the stairs.


La Barre de Monts - Fromentine is to be found in Saint Jean de Monts country, a destination known for its huge sandy beaches, where everyone feels free to live out their adventures. You'll have some unforgettable memories to bring back in your suitcases and stick in your photo albums.

Each place has its own powers of enchantment

Saint Jean de Monts

Lively seaside destination, 100% leisure and outdoor sports, on your own or with a guide (horse, golf, walking, cycling, tree climbing, archery, surfing, jacuzzi, the list is endless). Discover Saint Jean de Monts here.

Notre Dame de Monts

In a peaceful and relaxing seaside atmosphere, discover the region and its environment with the Jardin du Vent, Biotopia and Kulmino, three visits to teach you lots of fascinating facts about Notre Dame de Monts here.

Le Perrier

The ephemeral wetlands and their vast biodiversity, to be explored on foot, by bike or even by canoe, along the coastline.


A Vendée market town, with wetland landscapes and groves. A place to explore the artistic heritage of the region.

Bon voyage!