Awaken the 5 senses at L'île d'Yeu

The sights and sounds, fragrances and flavours of L'île d'Yeu

Discovering L'île d’Yeu means listening to the waves crashing against the rocks, smelling the marine spray, taking it all in...

The echo of the waves, the effervescence of the port when the tide returns, the scents of salt and wild plants, the spectacular view of the sunsets over the western coast. On holiday for real!


As you walk along the path, enjoy the simple pleasures of contemplating an unspoilt natural environment, taking in the fresh air, listening to the sea and wandering home at night under a starry sky. The change of scenery is absolute - and rest assured!

The great natural spaces and the ocean are complemented by the traditional architecture, the daily life of the port and the markets.

As the seasons pass, different colours and moods surround the island - it really has to be experienced more than once and at different times of the year.

The paths running towards the sea, the warm colours, the elegant lines of the landscape - no wonder generations of painters and artists have chosen to work and settle here..


L'île d’Yeu is an island of simplicity - no artificial flavourings or colourings added!. Marvellous weather in summer and gentle winters, a welcoming environment all year round.

Whether you're in Port-Joinville, Ker Châlon, Saint-Sauveur or La Meule, people from here and the mainland enjoy the same cafes and bars, the same markets and beaches, the same community spirit. We love to meet people, find out about them, drink, sing and dance together, whatever the season. We know how to have fun. The party spirit is always spontaneous on the island - as you'll see!

The Morgate Festival

There's always an excuse for a party. The Morgate Festival is ostensibly based around the squid catch - but really it's just another get-together and fun moment on the island!

During the Morgate meal, local amateur fishermen will tell you all about their special squid-luring powers. They may also let you into the secret of one of their three hundred and sixty-five recipes!

Flower Festival

The Flowers Festival takes place every two years, when the island inhabitants gather together in super-secrecy to plan their carnival floats, according to a different theme each time, and all covered with natural flowers.

All generations come together on the island for two days of madness, when everything is transformed into a colourful battle between music, dance, fun and good humour.

A year-long cultural season

From September, L'île d’Yeu works extremely hard to ensure a cultural season worthy of the best urban centres.

With theatre, music, famous artists, shows for children, there is always something for everyone. The never-ending cultural appeal is the icing on the cake for visitors who choose to come outside the summer season.

Check out the our full and eclectic program of shows, concerts and local festivals on the Diary page.


The herring gull greets you each morning with his characteristic cry. All the sounds of the island are soft, buffered by the endless ocean. The waves rustling and rush against the rocks, creating sort of soft dance music on the white pebbles and shells.

In the distance, the call of the ferry boat horns can be heard from the mainland. Sometimes, the wind rushes and roars, giving it long moaning notes in winter, an atmosphere best experienced cosied up by the fire.

Listening is an art

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

A few steps from the port you might be surprised by a sound you may not have heard for a very long time - silence. On the path to the Grand Phare lighthouse, or along one of the side roads, the quiet cradles you and envelops you with serenity. This amazing tranquillity rediscovered can give you the feeling of being the first person ever to discover it!

And then there are the much more familiar sounds of the festivals - the Fête des Fleurs (festival of flowers), the Fête de la Mer (feast of the sea), and life resume its course ... The Ile d’Yeu is a perfect interlude to life, a chance to truly relax and listen to nature.


The Ile d’Yeu lives, breathes and feels. The sweet scent of gorse flowers, a walled garden with fragrances of warm earth, roses and mimosa. A coastal path where the scents of herbs and seaweed intertwine.

The wind brings you scents of flowers, mixed with ocean spray, reminding you you're on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.


On the Ile d’Yeu the appreciation of good things is a local pastime, but when it comes to cooking, we're really passionate.

Prune tarts, tuna rillettes, smoked hake, fragrant egg flan and the famous betchet biscuit. Our culinary traditions are well-anchored and unique to the island. If your getaway is outside of the tourist season, you may also have the opportunity to taste the "Rata" baked Fricot (baked for an hour in the baker's oven) and our famous Boudin aux pruneaux (prune pudding).