Rent a bike on L'île d’Yeu

There's nothing like cycling on L'île d’Yeu. Beaches, monuments and protected areas, take the quiet paths and get a real feel for the country

The rental companies on the island have years of experience and offer all types of bikes - classic bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and tandems for the more adventurous.

It is important to choose your route according to your desires but also according to your level of ability. If you're with the family, make sure to think about everyone's stamina and strength, keep the moment fun and have safety in mind.

Wise advice:

L'île d’Yeu is a living economic community year-round, and the inhabitants need to use their cars to get about for their professional and personal use. Always remain vigilant for traffic - lots of routes are for both bikes and cars..

The rules of the road must always be respected just as they are on the mainland.

If you choose to go out by bike for the day, leave early in the morning to enjoy it to the fullest. It is recommended to book your bikes in advance, especially during peak periods.