Traffic and parking on L'île d’Yeu

Five thousand inhabitants live year-round on L'île d'Yeu. The island's economic life requires modes of transport identical to those of the mainland


There are cars on L'île d’Yeu, but in recent years, the island's inhabitants and authorities have been promoting "soft transport modes" while considering measures to ensure better management of traffic flows on the roads.

Roads are few in number, and buses, cars and bicycles often come into proximity on some sections.

Motor vehicles

For better safety, a smoother traffic and better car-bike-pedestrian cooperation, speed is limited in certain zones. In built-up areas it is 40 km/hour and 60 km/hour elsewhere.

Charging terminals for electric vehicles are available at the Quai de la Chapelle car park, Quai Vernier, Port de la Meule and near the Church of Saint-Sauveur.

Motocross bikes, quads, karts and buggies are only permitted on tarmac roads.


If you are on a bike or on foot, the side roads are best for you. They may make your journey a little longer but you'll be safe and you'll be able to appreciate the interior of the island at its true value.

You'll find lots of bike parking along your way. Don't forget to equip your bike with a lock.

The island has one section of marked cycle track, with a length of 5 km. It takes you from Ker Châlon to La Croix and you'll avoid the busy roads between Port-Joinville, Saint-Sauveur and La Croix.

Coastal paths are usually much less crowded and more enjoyable for cycling. Some sections are closed to motor vehicles from June 15 to September 15.


Hiking is an ideal way to discover the natural riches of the island. With its network of 72 km of marked trails and its coastal path, L'île d’Yeu will inspire you lots of hiking ideas. You can mix parts of the GR hiking trail with your own paths among the 5 marked trails on the island.

Since 2014, the coastal path has been approved and marked-out as a hiking route. It has been called GR80. Five small hiking routes, known locally as "Sentes" make it possible to discover both the coast and the interior of the island.

A detailed map of our hiking trails is available at the reception desk of the Tourist Office. Hiking guidebooks are also on sale in the Tourist Office's boutique.

To help you in your travels around the island, the Town Council of the Ile d’Yeu offers the ID BUS service, running daily from April to early November, serving all the main tourist attractions and and hiking departure points.


Parking places are regulated, and you should always consult the information panels. European discs are necessary for blue areas.

In Port-Joinville, two large car parks allow you to enjoy the port in peace.