Waste management on L'île d’Yeu

The management of waste can be more complicated for an island than elsewhere

The waste collection system

Since the closure of the Corbeaux landfill site in 2009, waste from L'île d’Yeu has been collected and packaged for transport to the mainland. It is managed by the public company Trivalis, which carries out waste sorting and treatment.


The production of waste increases with the population. During the summer, for example, twice as much rubbish is collected as in the rest of the year put together. The facilities have to support this seasonal variation.

The town of L'île d'Yeu makes every effort to ensure the cleanliness of its territory, and good waste management in respect of its fragile natural areas is a vital part of this. Seasonal workers are recruited, lots of sorting stations are added for users, the collection trucks have been updated the environmental impact of collection points has been reduced with redesigned facilities.

However, since the best waste is that which is not even produced, the municipality has also embarked on an ambitious program of reducing waste production. Composting, re-use and repair, working with businesses and awareness-raising projects all help to keep the amount of waste produced down.

New facilities are being introduced - the Graviaire Centre is a new platform for treating green waste and rubble. In the future it will also house a recycling plant.

For more information on the collection of waste on the island, consult the website of the Town Council (Mairiehere.



Visitors can also participate in our community efforts to preserve the environment:

  • Aiming for "zero waste" is something everyone can try - reusable bags, water bottles and picnic boxes. Refusing unnecessary packaging and disposable items when shopping.
  • Avoid littering! Use waste bins on the port and around the island so as not to be caught with a handful of rubbish and nowhere to put it.
  • Respect sorting instructions! Sorting is really important on an island like the IIe d'Yeu - sorting waste makes it easier to process and conserves resources.

The islanders have initiated an exemplary approach that has been recognised and supported by the state to encourage the efforts already made.