The medieval site of L'île d’Yeu

The Vieux Chateau

Readers of Hergés Tintin adventure "The Black Island" will find the Vieux Chateau (listed historic monument in 1890) on L'île d'Yeu oddly familiar

A fortress erected on a rocky spur surrounded by the sea, the Vieux Chateau was built at the dawn of the Hundred Years War to resist the repeated assaults that marked its history. It also served as a refuge for the island population during repeated raids by the English.

Around its central courtyard are found all the buildings and amenities necessary for the daily life of its defenders (bakery, kitchen, forge, bedrooms etc.).

The guided visit of this fortress from the Middle Ages evokes the military architecture of the period between 14th and 17th centuries, and the living conditions on an island under the ancien regime.

The guided tour takes you from the castle courtyard to its towers and around the ramparts. Your guide will tell you how the defence of such a building was organised, and about the daily life of its inhabitants.

Heritage tours of the Vieux Chateau

New in 2019
Attack attack! Storm the castle! Put yourself in the shoes of the invaders of the island, put on your English soldier costume and put the castle under siege. Family visit for children, with soldier's costumes provided.